Honey For Sale

This is a list of members of Cleveland Beekeepers Association who sell their local honey either from their home/apiary or from local shops

If you wish to purchase honey or wax please contact the suppliers directly – what type they have at what price will depend on many factors including weather and time of year.


Local honey from small suppliers is a unique natural product which varies from season to season, year to year and location to location. Some honeys will come from a mixture of nectar sources,  particularly those from urban areas and some from a single source such as rape or heather. It will contain enzymes from the bees and pollen from the nectar sources. It can be almost white through all shades of “honey” to nearly black. It can come in jars as runny, creamy or set or in tubs as cut comb. Whilst it has a natural shelf life of many years all honey will tend to granulate over time . Honey is harvested in late spring (especially rape) and autumn (especially heather).


If beekeepers have beeswax for sale this is usually available all year round. It comes in many qualities depending on where in the hive it has come from and how much filtration and cleaning it has had. This will be reflected in the price so be prepared to discuss your needs with the beekeeper.

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