Crop Spraying

Oil Seed Rape


If you are a Beekeeper concerned about spraying in your area then we strongly recommend that you register with Bee Connected. A valuable tool connecting beekeepers with farmers & informing of crop protection activities nearby.

As a member of Cleveland Beekeepers Association when our Spray Liaison Officer is notified of any spraying in the area, they will contact all of our members with apiaries in a three mile radius of spraying activity. So don’t forget to register your apiaries when you fill in your membership form.



Again we strongly advise all farmers to register with Bee Connected and contact our Spray Liaison Officer with the time date a location of the spray. We prefer to receive the ordnance survey grid references but can use post code of geographical place names.

Don’t forget in line with DEFRA guidelines we need at least 48 hours notice of any spraying taking place so that we can inform all of our affected members.